HearMe! Video Magazine and HearMe.TV are based upon the firm belief that: All that you are forced to live through, you have the right to speak about! What we live through is greatly influenced by the laws in place on all levels: federal, state and local government as well as the policies of the global corporate community and the media.

We provide the public with a fourfold opportunity to generate feedback to:

(1) Your Elected Government
Notification will go to city, state and federal government offices providing our elected officials a vital source of regular feedback from the public. Videos posted on our site will be available globally, allowing for open letters to mayors, chiefs of police, city councils, state and national reps, governors, etc.

(2) "Mainstream" Media
Info coming from you not at you! Instead of spending time hearing views of a select few (talking heads), now let them hear from you!!
We will provide you with a golden opportunity for rapid feedback in a global public forum.
Give YOUR response to "mainstream" media sources about what they choose to cover and how they cover it. Talk back to "mainstream" media. Fire back in a timely fashion in response to issues aired - or ignored.
(3) Law Enforcement
Make your views known and part of the public record about how you feel regarding policing policies in your community.
(4) The Corporate Community
Let the corporate world know how you feel about their policies, business practices and actions relating to you and those who you value.
Who else truly cares what you have to say?
What happens to you is important!
How you feel is important!
What you have to say is important!
Because you are important!

Tell Em' "HearMe! 'Cuz I want Everyone To Hear What I Have To Say To You!"
Help promote - and insist upon - OPEN government, responsible media & accountable law enforcement.