Useful Information Defined

Useful information is information which immediately empowers! It is information or data which gives you more control over your environment than you had before you heard it.

In corporate boardrooms worldwide, decision making executives are provided with the latest up-to-the-minute data on market conditions, trends in consumer spending and the current economic climate in which they operate. Entire corporate divisions are dedicated to providing the executives with pertinent data. These divisions are known as "decision support". It is an absolute certainty that when an important board meeting is being held, the decision support team will be handing the execs stacks of marketing figures and statistics - not the sports and comic sections of the daily newspaper!

Similarly, high performance race cars run on high octane fuel, not soda pop. FILL YOUR BRAIN WITH HIGH OCTANE!!!.

Solving the problems which face our communities requires an informed citizenry. How can the intelligent person make important decisions based on "non-information", foolish nonsense, trivia & animal rescue stories?
So, why settle? The average person must with average income (no cable or satellite) gets mostly useless info!