Turning The Tables, Finally.

We don't have news trucks, millions in budget, but what we do have is the honest desire to cover real issues and allow the public to be heard. Our concept represents a complete reversal of the current situation, with the dumbing down of news so prevalent. We offer:

  • Coverage of issues the "mainstream" media won't touch
  • Issues of significantly greater relevance to people locally and on a global scale, including breakthroughs in scientific knowledge which will permanently alter the way you percieve and evaluate the goings on in this world.
  • In Depth Coverage of important issues.
  • Pertinent info
  • A voice for those who haven't one - an opportunity to hear from those you never see!
  • Afro-Asian-Latino-Arabic-Indigenous-Caucasian. ALL inclusive!
    It is an open and unedited forum for comments and suggestions from and for our communities, allowing you to put in your comments while issues are still hot.
  • Highly affordable ad rates, allowing even the smallest business owner to participate! We'll beat mainstream media ad prices ALL DAY!!
  • We are inclusive of the public
  • We are a media source responsive to YOUR needs.
  • What's on your mind? Any inspirations to share? Any problems you feel need to be addressed? We will ask your preferences and respond! Will the mainstream ?
  • We'll provide valuable info for daily decision support and life in general :)