A Shameful Status Quo
The Average TV Show or "News" Broadcast: A Breakdown

Most TV shows nowadays have SO many stupid (elevated volume) commercials you forgot what show you were watching! News programming rarely has opportunity for extensive public input or feedback. Mostly limited news, lots of trivia;sports; weather and don't forget animal stories. And, endless commercials featuring few Latino, Carribean or Asian businesses. Ad rates so high that average small business, simply couldn't afford it anyway. Mostly info coming AT you from the same few figureheads with options for feed back from you highly limited - and if so - edited, sound byte journalism (brief skimpy coverage). Highly irrelevant stories.

A theoretical scenario: what if you called ANY news station and told them to send a reporter to get YOUR views? DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH WAITING. They will not hear you! There is simply never enough airtime for the number of issues which face us. Their primary focus is sensationalist BS. Then there is the issue of media conglomeration.

Mainstream media has a huge staff, news trucks with satellite links, multimillion dollar filming, editing and broadcast equipment - but no real news!! In all honesty, how much of the information on the news actually qualifies to be called useful? This is a challenge, a personal affront - however uniformly presented - to all on a mass scale.

Our concept will provide augmentation of good features and corrective adjustment on poorer aspects.